The Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Vigorously Promotes Water-Saving Irrigation and Improves Water Efficiency

This year, Hebei will implement high-efficiency water-saving irrigation of 3 million mu

Water is the source of life of agriculture, and agriculture is closely related to water. The Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs coordinated water conservation and stabilized the production of agricultural products such as grain, organized agricultural experts inside and outside the province, explored the shallow burial drip irrigation technology model of wheat and corn crops with two crops a year, and jointly promoted 600,000 mu in the province with the provincial supply and marketing cooperative in 2022. Through shallow burial drip irrigation water-saving technology, the watering period, watering frequency and fertilization method of wheat and maize are reasonably adjusted, which has a good effect on promoting the growth and development of wheat maize and saving agricultural water.




This year, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will increase the promotion of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation technology, implement high-efficiency water-saving irrigation such as drip irrigation, shallow buried drip irrigation, and submembrane drip irrigation, and strive to solve the problem of large-scale flood irrigation. In the field cropping areas such as wheat and corn, relying on large-scale business entities and trusteeship service organizations, vigorously develop shallow burial drip irrigation that saves water and land, saves time and labor, has low costs, and is suitable for mechanized operations, so as to achieve a “win-win” situation between grain stability and water saving; In the vegetable planting area, the facility vegetables focus on the implementation of submembrane drip irrigation to save water and moisture, save fertilizer and increase yield, reduce disease and reduce harm, and focus on drip irrigation and micro-sprinkler irrigation for open-field vegetables, and moderately develop dripping irrigation; In the fruit-planting areas such as pears, peaches, apples and grapes, focus on the development of micro-sprinkler irrigation and small tube outflow that are not easy to block, convenient for fertilization and strong adaptability, and moderately develop submembrane drip irrigation.




From “flood irrigation” to “careful calculation”, the wisdom between the little bits has achieved the “water-saving classic” of agriculture. By the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the total scale of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation in the province will reach more than 20.7 million mu, achieve full coverage of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation in groundwater overexploitation areas, and increase the effective utilization coefficient of farmland irrigation water to more than 0.68, ranking first in the country, forming a modern agricultural production system that matches the carrying capacity of water resources, and providing solid support for ensuring food security and high-quality agricultural development.

Post time: Jun-02-2023