Emitter Drip Tape with 2 Holes

  • Emitter Drip Tape with Double Holes

    Emitter Drip Tape with Double Holes

    Flat Emitter drip tape(also called drip tape) is partial root-zone irrigation, that is to convey the water to the crop roots through dripper or emitter built in plastic pipe. It is adopt advanced flat dripper and high quality materials, bringing superior flow rate characteristics, high clogging resistance and excellent cost performance ratio. It has no seams for more reliability and uniform installation. And it is manufactured using injection molded drippers for a high degree of plugging resistance and uniform water distribution over long runs. It is used in both above ground and subsurface installations with equal success. The low profile drippers welded on the inside wall keeps friction loss to a minimum. Each dripper has an integrated inlet filter to prevent clogging.